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Recent Publications

(5-years) manuscripts in refereed journals (out of 100) (h-index – 36)

  1. Baver CE, Parlange J-Y, Stoof CR, DiCarlo DA, Wallach R, Durnford DS, Steenhuis TS, 2014. Capillary pressure overshoot for unstable wetting fronts is explained by Hoffman’s velocity-dependent contact-angle relationship. Water Resour. Res. 50, 5290–5297, doi:10.1002/2013WR014766

Prof. Uri Shani

Prof. Shani had lead the transformation of Israel from a country that depends on ever increasing shortage in natural water supply, to water independency, through ambitious water saving, increasing efficiency including sewage recycling, and desalination. 

Prof. Shani has published 70 peer reviewed manuscripts, 10 patents and had 9 Ph.D. students.


1972-1985 Academic Studies, in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Ph.D. in Soil Physics.

Interview for IWA Yearbook

ISRAEL – Contributing on Quality and Quantity

(Interview with Prof. Adin. IWA Yearbook 2003, pp. 27-28)

Most readers will know that Israel has a serious water resources problem. Currently, after 4 years of drought and despite some improvement over this last Winter we remain 2billion cubic metres (m3) down on national storage, roughly equivalent to our total annual demand.

Moses, Innovation and IWA 

The Bible tells that Moses, when he realized that his people were dying in the desert from lack of water, hit a rock with his stick and water came out, plenty of it. On a later occasion, still thousands of years ago, the profit Elisha put salt into a water well whose water was became "bad" and immediately made it available for drinking again.



Adin, A. Model for Prediction of Breakthrough Curves in Contact Filtration. Supervisor - Prof. Menahem Rebhun, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. Published also as a Technion Institute of Research and Development Report (1975), 213 p. In Hebrew.


Statement about the IWA

Prof. Adin's Statement

In the message below I intend to convey three major points:

IWA can and is obligated to become the leader of the water organizations around the world, for the benefit of mankind. This can be attained by encouraging INNOVATION in technology, management and education. I, Avner Adin, have the experience, capability, and dedication to help lead the IWA as future President in that direction

Prof. Avner Adin

Professor Avner Adin (Feb. 3, 1943) is an internationally renowned environmental leader, engineer, scientist and innovator who combines teaching, research, technology and engineering practice in the field of water in policy, treatment, wastewater reuse and water security and safety. Serves as Chairman of Israel Institute of Standards' Central Water Committee after serving as Israel's national Drinking Water Standards Committee. Also:

MSc and PhD Positions in Wallach Lab

December 11, 2018

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דרוש סטודנט/ית לתואר שני/שלישי בעל/ת רקע בפיזיקה, הנדסת חשמל, הנדסה ביו-רפואית, מחשבים. 
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Prof. Dan Goldberg

Prof. Dan Goldberg

Irrigation methods (flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation). Design and development of irrigation systems.

Born: 1915, Jerusalem, Israel.
M.Sc. 1939; Sen. Lect. 1960; Assoc. Prof. 1967; Prof. 1978.
Prof. Eliyahu (Ernest) Rawitz

Prof. Eliyahu (Ernest) Rawitz

Development of irrigation scheduling criteria based on soil, plant and atmospheric data. Computer-assisted automatic irrigation monitoring and control using field sensors. Effect of tillage practices on soil structure and water regime. Soil survey.
Born: 1927, Czechoslovakia; Ph.D. 1966; Lecturer 1969; Sen. Lect. 1971; Assoc. Prof. 1981.