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In Memoriam

Amos Banin

Prof. Amos Banin

Columbia Foundation Professor of Soil and Water Sciences
Wastewater reclamation and reuse, effects on soil geochemistry, Soil pollution by heavy metals, Long-term soil deterioration processes.
Prof. Dan Goldberg

Prof. Dan Goldberg

Irrigation methods (flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation). Design and development of irrigation systems.

Born: 1915, Jerusalem, Israel.
M.Sc. 1939; Sen. Lect. 1960; Assoc. Prof. 1967; Prof. 1978.

Prof. Noam Lahav

In Memoriam
Soil and Water Sciences
Chemical and colloidal properties of soils, clay minerals and soluble minerals in relation to plant growth, catalytic properties of heterogeneous systems, geology and the origin of life. Development of novel controlled-release agricultural chemicals.
Isaac Mahrer

Prof. Yitzhak Mahrer

In Memoriam
Soil and Water Sciences
Professor Mahrer passed away in September, 2017.
 Atmospheric dynamics with an emphasis on the interaction of land surface and ocean processes with the atmosphere, and atmospheric dispersion, including global, regional, and microscale studies. Practical implications relate to air quality, wind energy siting, irrigation scheduling, soil solarization, and optimal greenhouse management.
Prof. Shmuel Mandel

Prof. Shmuel Mandel

Groundwater hydrology. Development of national water resources. Salinization of groundwater. Programs for exploitation of groundwater reserves and artificial replenishment.
Born: 1918, Austria. 
Ph.D. 1962. Sen. Lect. 1966; Assoc. Prof. 1972; Prof. 1978. 
Prof. Leon Margulies

Prof. Leon Margulies

1943 - 1997

Environmental chemistry. Chemistry of clay-organic reactions. Photostabilization of agrochemicals. Spectroscopy of biological chromophores.

Born: 1943, Argentina; 
Ph.D. 1975; Sen. Lect. 1988; Assoc. Prof. 1991. 


Prof. Ronit Nativ

In Memoriam
Soil and Water Sciences
Prof. Ronit Nativ passed away on 31.10.2006
The impact of urbanization on water resources, contaminant transport in porous fractured formations, groundwater contamination in industrial sites, arid-zone hydrology and origin and hydrodynamics of brackish water and brines in deep aquifers.
Prof. Eliyahu (Ernest) Rawitz

Prof. Eliyahu (Ernest) Rawitz

Development of irrigation scheduling criteria based on soil, plant and atmospheric data. Computer-assisted automatic irrigation monitoring and control using field sensors. Effect of tillage practices on soil structure and water regime. Soil survey.
Born: 1927, Czechoslovakia; Ph.D. 1966; Lecturer 1969; Sen. Lect. 1971; Assoc. Prof. 1981.

Prof. Arieh Singer

In Memoriam
Soil and Water Sciences
Clay mineralogy, clay mineral formation in the context of soil formation, soil distribution and weathering phenomena; ecological effects on soil mineralogy; interrelationships between clay mineralogy and soil properties; the origin of clay minerals in non-edaphic environments: sediments and marine/lacustrine deposits.