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Prof. Uri Shani

Environmental salinity and drought stresses: yield transpiration relation- ships, modeling, and management of irrigation and environment protection.

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Prof. Uri Shani

Prof. Shani had lead the transformation of Israel from a country that depends on ever increasing shortage in natural water supply, to water independency, through ambitious water saving, increasing efficiency including sewage recycling, and desalination. 

Prof. Shani has published 70 peer reviewed manuscripts, 10 patents and had 9 Ph.D. students.


1972-1985 Academic Studies, in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Ph.D. in Soil Physics.

1985-1986 Post-Doc. Utah State University, Department of Plant, Soil and
Biometeorology, Utah.

1993-1994 Visiting Professor - University of California, Riverside, California

2000 Visiting Professor – KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

1977-2006 Soil Scientist - Arava Agricultural Research Station, Israel.

1997-2006 Associate Professor - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of
Soil and Water Sciences.

Research Interests:

Optimization for crop yields and for the minimization of ground water contamination of plant growing under saline and drought stresses. In situ (field) estimation of soil hydraulic properties.
Continuous/high frequency micro-irrigation.


2006-2011 General Manager, Israeli Governmental Water and Sewage Authority.
2006-2011 Chairman, Council of the Israeli Governmental Water and Sewage Authority.
2007-2015 Chairman, Steering Committee for the Red sea – Dead Sea Conduit.

Prof. Shani had lead three international water agreements:

October 2010 - Jordan–Israel mutual desalination and water exchange.
December 2013 - Jordan-Palestinian Authority-Israel tri-national agreement
on Red sea – Dead sea (RSDS) first phase and regional desalination.
June 2015 - Israel-Jordan detailed agreement on RSDS and regional water.
A mutual tender was published and is evaluated for this project.