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Taitel-Goldman, N. and A. Singer. 2001High resolution transmission electron microscopy study of newly-formed sediments in the Atlantis II Deep, Red SeaClays Clay Miner. 49:174-182.

Taitel-Goldman, N., N. Bender, C. Koch and A. Singer. 2002Lepidocrocite in hydrothermal sediments of the Atlantis II and Thetis Deeps, Red Sea. Clay Clays Miner.50:186-197.


Wind erosion susceptibility of soils from the Southern Aral Sea Basin

Using a wind tunnel,the wind erosion susceptibility of soils from the Southern Aral Sea is determined. The effects of moisture and chemical stabilizer treatments on the soils is examined. Emphasis is on the susceptibility of Takyr soil crusts (fine-grained material) and Solonchak crusts (salt crusts).

In Memoriam

פרופ' אריה זינגר נולד 1934 ברומניה
נפטר 3/2010

דברים לזכרו מאת פרופ' בני חפץ


Prof. Arieh Singer

In Memoriam
Soil and Water Sciences
Clay mineralogy, clay mineral formation in the context of soil formation, soil distribution and weathering phenomena; ecological effects on soil mineralogy; interrelationships between clay mineralogy and soil properties; the origin of clay minerals in non-edaphic environments: sediments and marine/lacustrine deposits.