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The Robert  H Smith Faculty
of Food, Agriculture and Environment
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Group Members

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Zhipeng Liu (Nanjing Agric. Univ., China) – Biochar hydrophobicity and its effect on flow in soil with biochar additament.

Ph.D. Students

Naaran Brindt – The moving boundary approach for prediction of gravity-driven unstable flow in porous media

Ziv Attia - The rule of CK and ABA in regulating plant water status and as a shoot to root long signal during biotic and abiotic stress (co-supervisor: Prof. Menachem Moshelion, Plant Sci.).

Ayelet Karmon – Water retention in unwoven porous substrates.

M.Sc. Students

Ronny Burstein – Measuring the response of pine trees to abiotic stress by the acoustic emission method.

Matan Rahav – The effect of prolonged irrigation with treated wastewater on soil wettability and the later's effect on water and chemical spatial distribution in the root zone of a commercial citrus orchard.

Adi Haft Characterizing stormwater quantity and quality in Israeli Cities (co- supervisor: Prof. Eran Friedler, Technion)

Felix Ogunmokun (Nigeria) – Use of wetting agents to remediate soils that were rendered water repellent by treated wastewater irrigation

Noam Bar-Hadas – Macro-nutrients effects on physiological processes associated with water control of citrus seedlings