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Prof. Rony Wallach

71601: Fundamentals of Irrigation Science

Instructor: Prof. Rony Wallach

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Climatic factors and soil characters as the basis of irrigation planning. Water sources and methods of infiltration. Methods for bringing water to the field. Storage of water in the soil and the availability of such water to crops. Evapotranspiration and the water consumption of crops. Irrigation methods and their relations to the field water regime. Efficiency of water application and efficiency of crop water use. Special problems in irrigation: drainage, salinity, plant diseases, regulation of micro-climate. Covered crops.

71607: Fundamentals of Irrigation Engineering

Instructor: Prof. Rony Wallach

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Definition of essential data for irrigation system design and of the design process. Criteria for choice of irrigation method. Determination of discharge required for single fields and for entire farm; the daily and seasonal irrigation schedule. Stage-wise planning of an irrigation system from the single emitter to the main supply network for sprinkler and drip systems. The principles of gravity irrigation. Accessories for measurement and control of discharge and pressure, filtration, fertilizer injection. Various levels of automated irrigation control.

71624: Groundwater Hydrology

Instructor: Prof. Rony Wallach

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Basic concepts: Darcy's Law, water potential, hydraulic conductivity, porosity, transmissivity, storativity, specific yield. Limitations of the Darcian approach. Laminar, steady and transient flow. Case studies in groundwater flow in aquifers. Flow in a fracture medium. Well hydraulics. Solute and contaminant transport in aquifers.

71918: Movement of Solutes in the Soil

Instructor: Prof. Rony Wallach

Course Level: graduate
Course Description: Simultaneous transport of solutes and water - emphasizing plant nutrition, salinity and pollution problems. Classic theory of diffusion and application to transport of ions, organic complexed, and organic compounds through soils and onto plant roots. Classical theory of water movement and application to irrigation. Effect of clay and soil properties on water-salt movement. Effect of combined convection and diffusion on transport phenomena. Mathematical-physical models describing simultaneous flow of mass and energy in charged porous media.