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Anion adsorption on soil organic matter: Boron in reclaimed wastewater and its effects on plant growth.

Composting of agricultural and municipal wastes: Transformations of organic matter and effects on heavy metals availability.

Microbial siderophores as carriers of iron to higher plants: Production mode of action and effectiveness.

Effects of irrigation with treated wastewater on soil properties.

Rhizosphere ecology of plant-beneficial microorganisms.

Irrigation and fertigation management of soilless culture.

Prof. Yona Chen


1975 - Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry of Soil from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1970 - M.Sc. (with honors) in Soil Chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1968 - B.Sc. (with honors) in Soil Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Interests:

The physical chemistry of humic substances, minerals and their interactions.

Effects of organic matter on soil fertility and structure.