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The Robert  H Smith Faculty
of Food, Agriculture and Environment
Herzl 229  Rehovot 7610001

tel: 972-8-9489284
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Prof. Yona Chen


1975 - Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry of Soil from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1970 - M.Sc. (with honors) in Soil Chemistry from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1968 - B.Sc. (with honors) in Soil Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Interests:

The physical chemistry of humic substances, minerals and their interactions.

Effects of organic matter on soil fertility and structure.

The role of organic matter and bacteria in the iron nutrition of plants.

Composting of agricultural wastes and the application of composts as soil conditioners and as peat substitutes in horticulture.

Chemical transformation in composts.

Treated wastewater application to soil and its effects on soil quality.