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Worldwide Activities

Worldwide Activities

The "Blue Plan" to save the Mediterranean. Canne, France 1978

British Council international course on Industrial Wastes. 
Newcastle-upon-tyne, England, 1981

No access to drinking water. Southern Africa, 1983

World Bank mission to India. Village Council admiring their slow sand filter. 1984


Talking to priests about water. Bangkok, Thailand, 1984

Aswan Dam. Water reuse projects for new cities in Egypt (USAID). 1987

Solar ponds research and development in the Dead Sea. 1982.

Contact filtration plant in Northern Italy, Seccia River. 
Advising AGAC and Culligan. 1989.


On a helicopter of the Governor of the State of Mexico over Rio Lerma, deriving a strategic plan for its rehabilitation

Rio Lerma. 1990

Leading a training course on Water Reuse. Los Berros, Mexico, 1990

Mexican trainees meeting the Mexican Ambassador and Mr. Weischel, the donor, at the Water Reuse lab in Jerusalem. 1994

Piloting tertiary filtration for Urariego Co. (Spain) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a large reuse project of Balten, the water company of Tenerife. 1993

Dr. Vitaly Gitis from Russia finishing his PhD at the Water 
Treatment lab in Jerusalem. 1999

Reusing Alum sludge for construction materials. Visit to water treatment 
plant in Yokohama during "Distinguished Lectures Series in Environmental Engineering" in Japan. 1997

Collaboration with Dr. Cheikh Diop and students on Slow Sand Filtration for wastewater reuse in Senegal (USAID). Dakar, 2001

Regional collaboration on clean Mediterranean. Athens, Greece. 1991

Lecturing at the Hebrew University on Water for Peace in the Middle East. Jerusalem, 2002

Elementary schools creativity competition on water. Rishon-le-Zion, Israel. 2001


Mexican delegation to Adin's lab, headed by the Mexican Minister for Urban Affairs. 1996

A British-Israeli seminar on water research, organized by Prof's Adin and Ives. University College, London. 1991


Discussing filtration with international experts from various continents

The Israeli Minister of Environmental Quality at the National Council establishment event. Jerusalem, 2000


There are other ways to enjoy water apart from work


Prof. Adin at his lab. 2002