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Moses, Innovation and IWA 

The Bible tells that Moses, when he realized that his people were dying in the desert from lack of water, hit a rock with his stick and water came out, plenty of it. On a later occasion, still thousands of years ago, the profit Elisha put salt into a water well whose water was became "bad" and immediately made it available for drinking again.

Prof. Avner Adin, Chair Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and, Founder and President of the Israeli Water Association, points out that such events do not happen very often these days. Access to drinking water and water treatment facilities is denied for large populations world wide, while others need to cope with decreasing water resources or with high levels of pollution.

Adin visualizes, that the International Water Association can and will become the leader of water organizations around the globe in providing sustainable solutions to the above problems. That purpose will be achieved through innovation - a decisive, energetic approach to innovation in water management, in technology and in education. The Israeli Water Association members and Prof. Adin in particular have solid proofs that they can help make that vision happen.