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The Robert  H Smith Faculty
of Food, Agriculture and Environment
P.O. Box 12  Rehovot 76100 

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M.Sc. Students

Michal Perelman (2020-) Removal of phenolic compounds by ferrihydrite and birnessite. (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Anna Benitez (2019- ) - Application of a granulated micelle-clay complex for removal from water (i) bacteria (ii) non-ionic herbicides: effects of organic cation loading on complex capacity of filtration and regeneration (Co-supervisor- Prof. Shlomo Nir)

Marina Karpov - Impact of organic mediators on the transformation of pollutants by minerals (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Dikla Zadaka - Water purification from organic pollutants. (Completed in August 2005)

Michal Sherman - Interactions of PAHs with dissolved organic matter. (Completed in December 2006)

Shai Eldad - Adsorption and transformation of organic contaminants by clays in the presence of dissolved organic matter. (co-supervisor - Prof. Benny Chefetz) (Completed in December 2009)

Galit Tadmor - Sorptive behavior of pharmaceutical compounds in soils irrigated with reclaimed wastewater. (co-supervisor - Prof. Benny Chefetz) (Completed in 2013)

Anat Paz - DOM-affected interactions of pharmaceuticals with soils (Co-superviser Prof. Benny Chefetz) (Completed in 2015)

Ph.D. Students


Andrei Jarashneli ( 2020-) Competitive transformation  of organic compounds by redox- active soil minerals (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)


Anju Parvathi Ayillyath (2019-)  - Fate of pollutants of emerging concern in soil: effect of anthropogenic and natural micropolymers (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Noam Kirshenbaum (2016-) - "Decomposition and transformation of organophosphate pesticides on plant surfaces" (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Shani Avneri (2013- ) - Adsorptive fractionation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) by soil and soil minerals: processes and environmental effects (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Yaniv Olshansky - Clay-plant biopolymer complexes as natural sorbents of organic pollutants.(co-supervisor - Prof. Benny Chefetz) (Completed in 2015)

Marina Karpov ( 2016-). Adsorption and transformation of organic contaminants by minerals. (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)

Postoctoral Researchers


Shani Avneri-Katz and Amanada Lounbury (2019-). Adsorption and transformation of dissolved organic matter by minerals. (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)


Catalin Stefan and Michael Selle (DAAD Scholarship program of the German Academic Exchange Service. German-Israeli Cooperation in Water Technology Research). Sorption of organic pollutants by natural sorbents (co-supervisors Prof. B. Chefetz and Prof. Y. Chen). 2007.

Bhaskar Bhaduri (2016-) DOM–affected behavior of manufactured nanoparticles in soil-plant system (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)