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71618: Introduction to Soil Chemistry

Course Level: undergraduate
Concept of the course: Demonstration of the interrelations between chemistry of soil components and soil processes, and between solid and liquid phases in soils. The importance of interfacial reactions is emphasized. 
Syllabus details: Chemistry of organic and inorganic components of soils, surface properties of soil colloids, organo-clay interactions, chemistry of soil solutions, review of the chemical reactions and processes in soils, chemistry of soil acidity, chemistry of soil formation, environmental chemistry of heavy metals.

71913: Aquatic Geochemistry

Course level: Graduate
Concept of the course: Analysis of the dominant chemical processes in natural water bodies 
Syllabus details: Basic concepts in aquatic geo-chemistry, buffer capacity of natural water, acid rain and acid waters, redox processes in lakes, marine environment and groundwater, photochemical processes in natural waters and sediments, colloids as components of naturals waters, carbonate, iron and sulfur geochemistry in naturals waters and sediments, aquatic biochemistry, pollution of natural water bodies, aqueous geochemistry radionuclides, chemical composition and contamination of groundwater, marine chemistry, water quality monitoring and assessment, chemical processes in Lake Kinneret and in the Dead Sea