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Huiyuan G.,  C. Ma,  L. Thistle,  M. Huynh,  C. Yu,  D. Clasby,  B. Chefetz,  T. Polubesova,  J.C. White,  L. He  and  B. Xing. 2019. Transformation of Ag ions into Ag nanoparticle-loaded AgCl microcubes in the plant root zone. Environmental Science: Nano 6:1099-1110.

Bhaduri, B., T. Polubesova, B. Chefetz. 2019. Interactions of organic dye with Ag- and Ce-nano-assemblies: Influence of dissolved organic matter. Colloids and Surfaces A 577:683-694.


M.Sc. Students

Anna Benitez (2019- ) - Application of a granulated micelle-clay complex for removal from water (i) bacteria (ii) non-ionic herbicides: effects of organic cation loading on complex capacity of filtration and regeneration (Co-supervisor- Prof. Shlomo Nir)

Marina Karpov - Impact of organic mediators on the transformation of pollutants by minerals (Co-supervisor- Prof. Benny Chefetz)


71618: Introduction to Soil Chemistry

Course Level: undergraduate
Concept of the course: Demonstration of the interrelations between chemistry of soil components and soil processes, and between solid and liquid phases in soils. The importance of interfacial reactions is emphasized. 


Ongoing Research

DOM–affected behavior of manufactured nanoparticles in soil-plant system

Adsorption and transformation of organic contaminants by clays

Adsorption and transformation of inorganic oxyanions and organic anions by clays and oxides

Dr. Tamara Polubesova

Senior Scientist


1981 - Ph.D. in Soil Science from Institute of Soil Science and Photosynthesis RAS, Russia.
1977 - B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Soil Science from Moscow State University, Russia.

Research Interests:


Environmental fate of nanoparticles; Physical chemistry of soils and clays; soil surface heterogeneity and properties; soil and clay interfacial reactions; adsorption and transformation of natural and anthropogenic compounds by clays; environmental chemistry.