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Recent Publications

(5-years) manuscripts in refereed journals (out of 100) (h-index – 36)

  1. Baver CE, Parlange J-Y, Stoof CR, DiCarlo DA, Wallach R, Durnford DS, Steenhuis TS, 2014. Capillary pressure overshoot for unstable wetting fronts is explained by Hoffman’s velocity-dependent contact-angle relationship. Water Resour. Res. 50, 5290–5297, doi:10.1002/2013WR014766

MSc and PhD Positions in Wallach Lab

December 11, 2018

דרוש סטודנט/ית למחקר המשלב עיבוד תמונה ואפיון התנהגות צמחים בעקת יובש

דרוש סטודנט/ית לתואר שני/שלישי בעל/ת רקע בפיזיקה, הנדסת חשמל, הנדסה ביו-רפואית, מחשבים. 
התחלת לימודים במרץ/אוקטובר 2019.

לפרטים ניתן לפנות לפרופ' רוני וולך

מייל או טל. 054-8820389.

Open Positions

Open positions:

MSc and PhD students with background in Civil, Environmental or Chemical Engineering, Soil Science or Environmental Sciences (natural sciences track) for the following projects:

1) Impact of effluent irrigation on soil water dynamics and sustainable land use

2) Water repellent soils reclamation by surfactants application.

3) Characterizing surface runoff (quantity and quality) from urban areas – Kfar-Sava as a case study.

Group Members

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Zhipeng Liu (Nanjing Agric. Univ., China) – Biochar hydrophobicity and its effect on flow in soil with biochar additament.

Ph.D. Students

Naaran Brindt – The moving boundary approach for prediction of gravity-driven unstable flow in porous media

Ziv Attia - The rule of CK and ABA in regulating plant water status and as a shoot to root long signal during biotic and abiotic stress (co-supervisor: Prof. Menachem Moshelion, Plant Sci.).


Prof. Rony Wallach

71601: Fundamentals of Irrigation Science

Instructor: Prof. Rony Wallach

Course Level: undergraduate