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Recent Publications

Chapters in Books (reviewed)

Chen Y. and M. Shenker. 2002Agronomic approaches for increasing iron availability to food crops. In: Impacts of Agriculture on Human Health and Nutrition. Ross M. Welch and Ismail Cakmak (eds.), in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the auspices of UNESCO, EOLSS Publishers, Oxford,UK [Retrieved May 18, 2006]. Invited review.


Hanna Komisarchik – M.Sc. student (2008-). Co-supervisor: Prof. Yona Chen.

Maya Goldshtein – M.Sc. student (2008-2011). Co-supervisor: Prof. Yona Chen.

Yehoshav Ben Meir – M.Sc. student (2008-2013). Co-supervisor: Prof. Yona Chen.

Ran Yakir – M.Sc. student (2009-2013). Co-supervisor: Prof. Benny Chefetz.

Daniel Berstein – M.Sc. student (2009-). Co-supervisor: Dr. Menahem Edelstein.

Aviad Moncaz – Ph.D. student (2010-). Co-supervisor: Prof. Alon Warbueg.


71602: Fertilization and Soil Fertility

Instructor: Dr. Moshe Shenker

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Chemical, physicochemical and biological aspects of soil fertility. Plant nutrition and nutrients uptake by the roots. Properties of the root environment and the main processes taking place near the root surface. Fertilizers and current knowledge of the basic technologies of fertilizers used in modern agriculture.


Ongoing Research

Modeling plant response to deficit irrigation: Separating water and salt effects in the uptake function, and its use to minimize leaching

Heavy metals in soils and their uptake by plants

Phosphorus reactions and availability in soils amended with sewage sludge

Development and examination of new approaches to evaluate nutrient availability for plants

Hydro-geochemistry of phosphorus in re-wetted peat-soils


Prof. Moshe Shenker

Head of Teaching Committee


1985 - B.Sc. in Soil science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1989 - M.Sc. in Soil chemistry and plant nutrition from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
1995 - Ph.D. in Soil chemistry, siderophore reactions, plant nutrition from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Interests:

Soil Chemistry and Soil Fertility, related to Plant Nutrition and Environmental aspects.