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Dr. Eran Tas

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Head of Department
Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Senior Lectureship in Agriculture
Phone: +972-(0)8-9489139
Lubell building, office 15
Agro-meteorology, atmosphric chemistry, air-pollution, modelling, field measurements.

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The Robert  H Smith Faculty
of Food, Agriculture and Environment
Herzl 229  Rehovot 7610001

tel: 972-8-9489284
fax: 972-8-9475181


Biosphere-atmosphere gas exchange & Atmospheric Chemistry

  • How climate change and air-pollution affect and being affected by changing the natural balance between the biosphere and the atmosphere?
  • How can we save water by improving evapotranspiration prediction, using atmospheric and soil modeling, combined with remote sensing?

Main current research topics

  1. The effect of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) on local scale ozone removal and regional ozone formation under climate change;
  2. The effect of drought on BVOCs emission;
  3. The mechanisms of dry ozone (O3) deposition to vegetation and urban surfaces;
  4. Improving the prediction of evapotranspiration.


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