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Dr. Eliyahu Wakshal

Dr. Wakshal passed away in September 2012



1980 - Ph.D.

Research Interests:

Hydrogeology; Hydrochemistry; Geology.


234U/238U disequilibrium within fresh water karstic aquifers - the Galilee Model, Israel.

Pollution of groundwater by agriculture.

Neogene sediments in the northern Jordan Rift Valley.

Atmospheric pollutants in rain and Saharan dust.

Sulfur isotopes 34S/32S in rain and groundwater of Israel.

Uranium isotopes 234U/238U in groundwater.

Simulation approach of groundwater balances in intermountain basin, in the framework of the U.S.A.-Israel Cooperative Development Research Program (CDR-CAR) together with scientists of the Scientific and Research Institute of Irrigation, Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan


D. Zadaka, T. Polubesova, Y.G. Mishael, A. Spitzy, H. Koehler, E. Wakshal, O. Rabinovitz and S. Nir. 2005. Determination of Release of Organic Cations from Micelle-Clay Complexes and their Re-Adsorption in Sand/Clay Columns. Applied Clay Sci.29, 282-286.