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Prof. Benny Chefetz

Full Professor 

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment



B.Sc. Agr. (Magna Cum laude) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Soil Sciences.


Ph.D. at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Soil and Water Sciences. Thesis: Transformation of organic matter during composting of municipal solid waste. Supervisors: Prof. Yona Chen and Prof. Yitzhak Hadar.

2000 - 1998

Post-Doctorate at the Ohio State University, Dept. of Chemistry. Host: Prof. Patrick G. Hatcher.

Research Interests:

My research interests relate to physico-chemical processes of organic pollutants occurring in water, reclaimed wastewater, soils and sediments. An overarching goal is to elucidate physical, chemical and biological processes that influence the fate of organic molecules in the environment with special emphasize on the agricultural environment.

Special interests are: (1) Fate of pharmaceutical compounds in soil and water; (2) Sorption- desorption behavior of xenobiotics in soils and sediments; (3) Irrigation with reclaimed wastewater: effects on human health; (4) Nano particles in the environment: fate and processes; (5) Nature and reactivity of dissolved organic matter.