71602: Fertilization and Soil Fertility

Instructor: Dr. Moshe Shenker

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Chemical, physicochemical and biological aspects of soil fertility. Plant nutrition and nutrients uptake by the roots. Properties of the root environment and the main processes taking place near the root surface. Fertilizers and current knowledge of the basic technologies of fertilizers used in modern agriculture.

71611: Agricultural and Municipal Waste Management and Recycling

Instructors: Dr. Moshe Shenker, with Prof. Y. Hadar

Course Level: undergraduate
Course Description: Wastes from agricultural, industrial and municipal sources - origin, properties and quantities; Solid waste handling in Israel; Methods for collection; Treatment and recycling of the organic matter component of wastes: (i) Composting: process; technology; transformation of organic matter; microorganisms; (ii) methanogenic fermentation: process; energy production; wastes; (iii) recycling of lignocellulose; (iv) recycling of yard waste. Utilization of organic wastes in agriculture: agricultural fields, gardening, parks, forests, container media in greenhouses, animal feed. Recycling of wastes of specific value: paper, glass, plastic. Economic and legislative aspects of recycling.

71972: Soil Chemistry

Instructor: Dr. Moshe Shenker

Course Level: graduate
Course Description: General composition of the three soil phases and chemical equilibria of silicates, aluminosilicates, carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, metal hydroxides, and other minerals. Soil weathering. Handling calculations of equilibria in heterogeneous systems. Chemical reactions in soil - equilibrium versus kinetic approach. Relevance to plant nutrition, fertilizers use, soil weathering, and the environment.

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