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Ph.D. Students


2013 - present: Maoz Dor (direct PhD track), co-supervisors – Dr. Simon Emanuel "Advanced micro-soil structure characterization"


Adi Radian Technion, Assistant Professor Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

2011-present: Hagay Kohay – Interactions of pharmaceuticals with designed composites based on random- and diblock- polymers adsorbed to clay

2012-present: Ido Gardi - Developing regenerable sorbents based on polymer-clay composites for the removal of triazine herbicides from water.

2014-present: Itamar Shabtai – Integrating technologies for advanced treatment of persistent organic pollutants from treated wastewater effluent



2014 - present Arbel Breznik, co-supervision – Dr. Uri Nachshon

2016 - present Amir Peretz

2016 - present Ofri Zusman


2012 – 2015 Rebbeca Chotzen, co-supervisors – Prof. Benny Chefetz

2014 – 2017 Lior Levi

2011-present: Rebbeca Chotzen - A Systematic Study on humic acid adsorption - Direct and indirect effects of seven clay minerals.

2013-present: Maoz Dor – Effect of wetting and drying cycles on micro-scale mechanical properties of Soils.

2014-present: Lior Levi - Developing polymer-clay composites for the removal of pharmaceuticals from water.

Former Students

Ph.D. Students

2005-2011: Dikla Zadaka-Amir - Sorption of organic compounds by silicate-immobilized micelles: mechanisms and application to waste and groundwater treatment. (co-supervisor, Prof. Shlomo Nir). Present Employment: Head of R&D Startup company – developing membranes for water treatment

2008-2013: Adi Radian - Developing and applying macromolecule-clay composites for the removal of pollutants from water. (co-supervisor, Prof. Rachel Nechustai) Employment: Postdoctoral fellow at University of Minnesota


2005-2008: Adi Radian - Polycation-clay nanocomposites as a basis for herbicide controlled release formulations (summa cum laude). Present Occupation: Postdoctoral fellow.

2006-2008: Dana Ziv - Adsorption of herbicides solubilized in micelles on montmorillonite as a base for herbicide controlled release formulations. Present Employment: The Israeli Water Authority.

2006-2009: Ronit Ganigar - Polycation-clay nanocomposites for treatment of contaminated water. Present Occupation: Self-employed Organic Store.

2007-2009: Osnat Goldreich - Effect of wetting and drying of soils on sorption and degradation of metolachlor.(summa cum laude). Present Employment: Mekorot, Israel's National Water Company

2008-2010: Nimrod Bleiman - Developing polymer-clay composites for the removal of selenium from water. (summa cum laude). Present Employment: The Israel Ministry of Health.

2007-2011: Michal Carmeli-Levi - Applying clay composites for the removal of organics from treated water.

2008-2012: Haim Katz - Developing and applying sulfentrazone-micelle controlled release formulations. Present Occupation: PhD student at Arial University

2010-2013: Yifat Zait - Reducing root penetration in drip irrigation systems by applying controlled release herbicide formulation through the system. Present Occupation: Developing educational programs

2011-2014: Noam Duhl - Developing and applying micelle-clay controlled release Present Occupation: PhD student at Hebrew University