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Recent Publications

Lelario F., Gardi I., Mishael Y.G., Dolev N., Undabeytia T., Nir S., Scrano L. and Bufo S.A. (2017). Pairing micropollutants and clay-composite sorbents for efficient water treatment: Filtration and modeling at a pilot scale. Appl. Clay Sci. 137:225-232. [View Paper]

Gerchman Y., Vasker B., Tavasi M., Mishael Y.G., Kinel-Tahan T., and Yehoshua Y. (2017). Effective harvesting of microalgae: Comparison of different polymeric flocculants. Bioresource Technology. 228:141-146. [View Paper]

Kohay H., Sarisozen C., Sawant R., Jhaveri A., Torchilin V., MishaelY.G. (2017) PEG-PE/Clay Composite Carriers for Doxorubicin: Effect of Composite Structure on Release, Cell Interaction and Cytotoxicity. Acta Biomaterialia. [View Paper]

Shabtai I.A., and Mishael Y.G. (2017) Catalytic polymer-clay composite for enhanced removal and degradation of diazinon. J. Hazard Mater. 335: 135–142. [View Paper]

Shabtai I.A., and Mishael Y.G. (2016) Efficient Filtration of Effluent Organic Matter by Polycation-Clay Composite Sorbents: Effect of Polycation Configuration on Pharmaceutical Removal. Environ. Sci. Technol. 50: 8246-8254. [View Paper]

Chotzen R., Polubesova T., Chefetz B. and MishaelY.G. (2016). Adsorption of Soil-Derived Humic Acid by Seven Clay Minerals: A Systematic Study. Clay and Clay Minerals. 64: 628-638. [View Paper]

Kohay, H., Izbitski, A., Mishael, Y.G., 2015. Developing Polycation-Clay Sorbents for Efficient Filtration of Diclofenac: Effect of Dissolved Organic Matter and Comparison to Activated CarbonEnviron. Sci. Technol. 49: 9820-9288. [View Paper

Radian A., Fichman M. and Mishael Y., Modeling Binding of Organic Pollutants to a Polycation-Clay Sorbent Using Quantitative Structural-Activity Relationships (QSAR)Applied Clay Science. 116-117:241-247. [View Paper]

Gardi I. , Nir S. , Mishael Y.G. (2015) Filtration of triazine herbicides by polymer-clay sorbents: coupling an experimental mechanistic approach with empirical modeling. Water Research. 70: 64-73. [View Paper]

Pentrák M., Pentráková L., Radian A., Mishael Y.G., and. Stucki J.W. (2015) Nitrate reduction by redox-modified smectites exchanged with chitosan. Clay and Clay Minerals [View Paper]

Zait Y., Segev D., Schweitzer A, Goldwasser Y., Rubin B., Mishael Y.G. (2015) Development and employment of slow release pendimethalin formulations for the reduction of root penetration into drip-irrigation. J. Agri. Food Chem. [View Paper]

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Katz H. and Mishael Y.G. 2013 Reduce Herbicide Leaching by in situ Adsorption of Herbicide-Micelle Formulations to Soils. J. Agri. Food Chem. 8: 50-57. [View Paper]


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Nir, S., Rubin, B., Mishael, Y., Undabeytia, T., Rabinovitz, O., Polubesova, T., Patent:WO 02/052939 A1. [View Paper]

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