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71024: Physical Chemistry

Instructor: Dr. Yael Mishael

Course Level: undergraduate
Thermodynamic principles. The First and Second laws. Partial molar quantities. Chemical potential in ideal systems. Real systems. Osmotic pressure. Gibbs-Durham equation. Phase rule. Electrochemistry. Electrochemical cells. Average activity coefficients. Debye-Huckel theory (outline).Transport processes. Electrolytic conductivity. Viscosity. Diffusion. Selected topics in chemical kinetics. 

71615: Soil Formation

Instructor: Dr. Yael Mishael

Course Level: undergraduate
The course covers basic soil characterization, physical and chemical weathering, and products of soil weathering. It describes the five factors of soil formation; parent material, topography, biological, climate and time. In addition, the course covers soil classification. The classification, formation and the agricultural aspect of Israeli soils are emphasized. 

71614: Proseminar

Instructor: Dr. Yael Mishael

Course level: undergraduate
The course aims to guide the student how to prepare a coherent, comprehensive and interesting seminar. The lectures focus on accessing and selecting scientific data, processing the data, integrating data from different sources, and presenting a topic based on the information collected to an audience. The students are required to present a seminar to the class based on scientific papers they selected and write an abstract of their talk. 

71973: Physical Chemistry and Surface Phenomena in Soils

Instructor: Dr. Yael Mishael

Course Level: graduate
The course describes the soil system and its components, and the structure of soil minerals focusing on oxides and clay minerals. The course deals in detail with inorganic soil surface phenomena including adsorption, compensation, cation exchange and flocculation. The electric double layer model and the basic adsorption models are developed. The course focuses on new developments in soil colloids and interface science i.e., discussing recent publications in scientific journals. Furthermore, the student will write a mini-proposal in the scope of the course which they execute during the lab sessions and present it to the class. 

73504: Environmental Science Seminar

Instructor: Dr. Yael Mishael

Course level: graduate